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 CO2    400 ppm
​ CH4  1850 ppb
​ N2O    325 pp
Atmospheric CO2 ​15 million year high​
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Global drought
The State of the Climate (BAMS)
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Feb 2016 Earth is warming 20x faster than end ice age natural warming
Conversion to 'from pre-industrial' temperature increase. The record shows 0.3°C warming from ~1900 to the NASA 1950-1980 baseline, and Prof Michael Mann told Climate Code Red that the proxy data shows around another 0.3°C from 1750 to the end of the nineteenth century for the northern hemisphere.
The WMO uses 0.32C.​

Monthly satellite
​temperature change
U. Alabama​ ​
April 2016 was 'the highest April departure' and  'the 12th consecutive month a monthly global temperature record has been broken', the longest on record   NOAA Apri.l 2016
Infographic 266 years of changing
​climate  up to May 2016
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