The State of Our Climate 
The State of Our Climate System

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greenhouse gases
​​ 2016

 CO2    404 ppm
​ CH4  1854 ppb
​ N2O    329 pp
Atmospheric CO2 ​15 million year high​

                Already committed  ​future warming  ​
                          ​& climate change

The radiative heat forcing of  today's atmospheric GHGs (above) commits the world to a global warming of 1.5C by 2030-2040 (IPCC AR5 WG1 Figure 11.6)  and full equilibrium warming of 2.0C.

'The current RF(radiative forcing) from GHGs maintained indefinitely (i.e., the commitment from constant greenhouse gas concentrations) would correspond to approximately 2°C warming.'  ​(IPCC AR5 WG1

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Warming accelerating
NOAA Jan 2015 ​ Last 50 years,temperature increase 0.13°C/ decade-almost double 0.07°C/decade of
pr​​evious half-century. Since 1970-1980 3X the average 20th century rate.

Atmospheric greenhouse gases
Atmospheric CO2 is rising at an
​unprecended rate (IPCC AR4 WG1 FAQ 7.1 para 1) and at a 20 milliion year high
​ (Sc.Am. Mar 2015)
Atmospheric methane has increased over
​two and a half times since 1800
(IPCC AR5 WG1 p.161 .Ch2 Exec Sum
2015 atmospheric CO2 equivalent 481 ppm  WMO  2016   (includes the other GHGs)
NASA Video​
  ​CO2 2002-2014
 NASA Video 
​1880 to 2015
The 1992 UN climate change convention requires safe levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases 
8 Mar 2016 New Scientist Highest ever annual rise in carbon dioxide levels recorded
​Scripps Mar 2016. 'Today's dramatic atmospheric CO2 increase is 200X the rate of the last end glacial natural warming'.  The NOAA news release 
Mar 2016 Nature The terrestrial biosphere as a net source of greenhouse gases 
Dec 2016 paper Atmospheric CO2 increase rate unprecedented in Earth history at > 3ppm​/yr. ​
March 2017dit 
Accelerating atmospheric GHGs
Nov 2016 WMO provisional Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2016.
March 2017 Planet emergency
ignored for too long​-
catastrophic impacts unavoidable​
UK MET Office March 2017 The reviewed 2015 atmospheric CO2 increase was 3.39 ppm. With no El Nino the 2017 forecast is 2.46 ppm still much higher than the 10 yr average of 2.1 ppm/yr