State of Our Climate
​Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas concentrations
NOAA 2017 AGGI Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Index
The ​​NOAA reports that the atmospheric concentrations of all three main greenhouse gases are increasing at an increased rate for CO2 and methane. Total radiative (heat) forcing has increased 40% since 1990 with no slow down/
20 April 2016 Scripps ' Levels exceeded 409 parts per million for the first time in recorded history this month.  

​​NOAA 10 Mar 2016
'Carbon dioxide levels are increasing faster than they have in hundreds of thousands of years. It’s explosive compared to natural processes'. Today’s human-made CO2 increase is 200 times faster, a dramatic rate compared to natural processes, Pieter Tans, leader of NOAA’s Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network
Scripps daily CO2
Preindustrial GHG
​concentrations (WMO)

CO2 278 ppm ​
Methane ​722 ppb
Nitrous oxide​ 270 ppb
Atmospheric GHG concentrations tell us what the future higher 'committed' (locked in) global warming is. 
It is about another 70% of global temperature increase (IPCC AR5)​
Unprecedented Atmospheric CO2 annual increase
2016 3.00 ppm
2015 3.05 ppm​​
Oct 2016 Research NOAA Methane emissions from fossil fuels are much higher than current estimates.
The post 2007 methane increase is from food production (cows, wetland rice paddies and warming natural wetlands ​
WMO 2017 GHG Bulletin.  Rate of atmospheric CO2 increase is without any known precendent, and all three atmospheric GHG levels increased more than their 10 year annual average.
Global Carbon Project Nov 2017 Carbon Budget (CO2).
Global Carbon Budget Dec 2016 Methane Budget​
Dec 2016. Press release and links CO2 rate of atmospheric CO2 increase is unprecedented in Earth history at 3 ppm/year 2015 and 2016.
Atmospheric CO2 concentration history: it is also the highest in 15-20 million years.​
Atmospheric CO2 at a 3 million year high, possibly
​15-20 million yr high
Dec 2016 GRL Methane radiative heat forcing is 25% higher. 
Nov 2016 Nonlinear climate sensitivity Climate sensitivity to CO2 X2  is ​4.88C (likely range, 4.29 to 5.44C per CO2 doubling for warm phases (as now).
At over 400 ppm atmospheric CO2 is the highest in  3-5 million years (WMO 2017) Possibly15-20 million years
2009 A. Tripati Coupling of CO2 ...  of the Last 20 Million Years 
2013 Yi Ge Zhang A 40-million-year history of atmospheric CO2
NOAA Annual greenhouse gas Index in 2017  Spring 2018
Atmospheric CO2 equivalent ​for 2017 was 493 ppm

​atmospheric CO2