This site records on a monthly basis all the crucial indicators of climate system disruption.

​​I have developed my climate change (atmospheric GHG pollution) sites since 2007 to fill vacuums of essential ​climate change aspects, not readily accessible elsewhere. The sites record the increasing and overwhelming evidence proving our state of planetary emergency (James Hansen 2008, 20102).
I started with the scientifically ​definite imperative of zero carbon emissions for mitigation <OnlyZeroCarbon.org>.

This, my most recent site, started to be developed because there is no site posting the regular NOAA  atmospheric greenhouse concentrations of all three main GHGs - carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide (CO2 Now is excellent and posts the atmospheric CO2), together with the global warming monthly data from NASA GISS. The site brings together​ all the annual climate change reports together (links).  It also includes the ocean disruption data from the NOAA. 

It is common sense that n​​othing is more important than the atmospheric GHG concentrations.  Scientifically they correlate directly with the amount of extra heat (radiative forcing) added to the climate system (biosphere). As well as global surface warming this includes the heat of ocean warming (90% of the added GHG heat) and the heat used up melting planetary ice.

The 1992 UN climate change convention​​, for this reason, chose atmospheric GHG concentrations (rather than global surface warming) as the limit to prevent 'dangerous interference with the climate system'. 
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The site is an ongoing record of the basic causes and main recorded effects of global climate change, with their trends. Other longer recorded trends are also included in this site.

There are no climate model projections on this site, and they are now not needed to ​prove the dire planetary emergency.

Dr Peter Carter BC Canada​​