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 CO2    400 ppm
​ CH4  1850 ppb
​ N2O    325 pp
Atmospheric CO2 ​15 million year high​

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Feb 2016  Earth is warming 20x faster than end ice age natural warming and headed for 50X
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UK Met Office short term decadal warming forecast
2016 still record warming
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​add 0.21C.
15 Sept 2021 The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was in the Previous 50 yars Renowned Climate Scientist Warns-James Hansen
2020 warmest year on record for Europe at 2.3°C above 1850-1900, ​and 0.4°C above 2019, the previous warmest year.
​​The largest annual temperature increase  was 6.7°C  over the Arctic and northern Siberia.
July 2021 hottest month on record ​

2021 summer on land was the hottest ever (higher than the 1930s Dust Bowl)​
Caution: Different climate centers arrive at different degrees of global average temperature increase, due to slightly different methods of estimation.  
James Hansen, Columbia,multiple temperature data sets(most comprehensive source)
NASA GISS is a good for temperature data with maps
Copernicus is excellent from Europe Commission ​for temperature 
NOAA is the other US source that gives temperature data.​
2020 record warming Europe
2020 tied warmest  with 2016
2021 July hottest month ever
2021 hottest summer on land 
Global Warming Index July 2022: 1.25C
Warming from emissions only​