The State of Our Climate

Mar 2016 research:  Human carbon release rate is unprecedented in the past 66 million years of Earth's history- about 10 times faster 
Total CO2 emission
​by source (GCP 2021)
3 Aug 2020 RCP8.5 tracks emissions  of worst-case cumulative CO2 emissions scenario- continues to apply

World Bank Greenhouse gas emissions
​to 2019 (main GHGs and CO2 eq)
Fossil fuel CO2 emissions Annually 
​Global Carbon Project
Also methane and nitrous oxide emissions Global Carbon Budget (2022)
IPCC AR6 Global GHG emissions
Global methane emissions
​Tracking worst-case scenario 

(Global Carbon Project 2020)​
Now wetland Feedback ​emissions 
Global nitrous oxide emissions
​Tracking worst-case scenario  
Feedback emissions​
(Global Carbon Project 2020​)
Black carbon (soot) aerosol emissions 
CO2 equivalent emissions (all GHGs) 
All record high, increasing equal to fastest rate