The State of Our Climate 
The State of Our Climate

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Mar 2016 research:  Human carbon release rate is unprecedented in the past 66 million years of Earth's history at about 10 times faster  
  Although Human industrial age  emissions are about 4% of natural CO2 emissions, due the very long  atmospheric lifetime of CO2 this is resulting in a rapidly accelerating level of atmospheric CO2 s text.
2020 Methane emissionsfrom G/ Carbon Project ( business-as-usual scenario) edithisext.
August 2020 Cumulative atmospheric CO2 is tracking the very worst case scenario (RCP8.5)
Total CO2 emission
​by source (GCP 2021)
3 Aug 2020 RCP8.5 tracks  emissions  worst-case cumulative CO2 emissions scenario

Global fossil fuel CO2 emissions 1990-2021