CO2 278 ppm ​
 CO2 emissions are cumulative in the atmosphere due to ultra-long CO2 atmospheric life-time ​20% remains at 1000 years. CDIAC mean 200 years
VIDEO Scripps animation record of atmospheric CO2, from 800,000 year ago
to present day 2019

NOAA ESRL ​Greenhouse gas concentrations
Atmospheric CO2: 422.48 ppm​ 

Unprecedented rate of atmospheric CO2 increase
​Multiple lines of evidence 
show that the rate at which CO2 has increased in the atmosphere during 1900–2019 is at least 10 times faster than at any other time during the last 800,000 years, and 4–5 times faster than during the last 56 million years
​(IPCC AR6, WG1, 5-676)

CO2 past 2000 years   Abrupt increase 
 CO2 past 10,000 years      50% higher   
Atmospheric CO2 highest in 14 million years 

IPCC AR6 record from 800,000 years ago
Scripps: Accelerating fossil fuel atmospheric  CO2 and cumulative CO2 emissions (tracking worst-case scenario RCP8.5)
State of Our Climate