State of Our Climate
​Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Concentrations
Scripps daily CO2
Preindustrial GHG
​concentrations (WMO)
CO2 278 ppm ​
Methane ​722 ppb
Nitrous oxide​ 270 ppb
Atmospheric GHG concentrations tell us what
​the future higher 'committed' (locked in) warming​ is. 
It is about another 70% of global temperature
​increase (IPCC AR5)​
Global Carbon Budget Dec 2016 Methane Budget​
Nov 2016 Nonlinear climate sensitivity Climate sensitivity to CO2 X2  is ​4.88C (likely range, 4.29 to 5.44C per CO2 doubling for warm phases (as now).
2018 Very Strong Atmos Methane Growth FEEDBACK
Copernicus CAMS atmospheric satellite Charts
May 2020 Trends in global CO2 &  greenhouse gas emissions
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Spring 2020 NOAA Greenhouse gas Index  CO2 equivalent  (includes other GHGs) 500 ppm