State of Our Climate

Managed by Dr. Peter Carter (Climate Emergency Institute)

The purpose of this site is to record on an ongoing basis all the crucial indicators of climate system disruption.

The site records the increasing and overwhelming evidence proving our state of dire planetary emergency. For climate change mitigation (1.5C and 2C) emissions of CO2 and methane have to decline on an immediate basis rapidly, as IPCC AR6 WG3

CO2-Earth is excellent and posts the atmospheric CO2 from NOAA, together with the global warming monthly data from NASA GISS. 

It is common sense that n​​othing is more important than the atmospheric GHG concentrations. Scientifically they correlate directly with the amount of extra heat (radiative forcing) added to the climate system (biosphere). As well as global surface warming this includes the heat of ocean warming (90% of the added GHG heat) and the heat used up melting planetary ice.

The 1992 UN climate change convention​​, for this reason, chose atmospheric GHG concentrations (rather than global surface warming) as the limit to prevent 'dangerous interference with the climate system'. 

The site is an ongoing record of the causes and main recorded effects of global climate change, with their trends.
There are few climate model projections on this site, and they are now not needed to ​prove the dire planetary emergency.