Already committed  ​future warming  ​and climate change

The radiative heat forcing of  today's atmospheric GHGs commits the world to a global warming of 1.5C by 2030-2040 (IPCC AR5 WG1 Figure 11.6)  and full equilibrium warming over 2.0C.

'The current RF(radiative forcing) from GHGs maintained indefinitely (i.e., the commitment from constant greenhouse gas concentrations) would correspond to approximately 2°C warming.'  

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                                       Dire Climate System Emergency

CO2 emissions
2022 Record high Rapid increase from 1960 ​

​​​Greenhouse gas emissions 
Record highRapid increase from 1960

Atmospheric CO2
Record high (420 ppm)Accelerating rate of increase​

Atmospheric greenhouse concentrations  
All record high Accelerating increase ​from 2000
CO2 420 ppm,
​Methane 1,920 ppb, increase accelerating, explosive from 2020 ​

Atmospheric CO2 eq & radiative forcing NOAA AGGGI 
2022 CO2 eq 508 ppm ​Radiative forcing 3.2 W/m-2

​​​Carbon sinks (Global Carbon Project)
Land and ocean sinks losing ​efficiency

Global temperature increase  
Record high by decade​ 2022: 1.12°C
Rapidly increasing trend from 1980​​​
​Northern hemisphere temperature ​increase ​much faster than global​​​​

Global warming Index ​1.27°C  April 2023 ​(warming of emissions only

Ocean heat  
Record high ​ ​ Accelerating increase Rapidly increasing trend from 1960

Sea surface temperature
Record high ​ ​

Ocean acidification 
Record high​​​  Accelerating increase, Rapid increase from 1960

Ocean ​​​deoxygenation 
Record high Accelerating trend ​from 1980

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