The State of Our Climate 

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Atmospheric CO2 ​15 million year high​
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SPEI ​Global drought
The State of the Climate (BAMS)
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WMO State of 2015 Climate 
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Atmospheric CO2 is rising at an
​unprecended rate (IPCC AR4 WG1 FAQ 7.1 para 1) and at a 20 milliion year high
​ (Sc.Am. Mar 2015)
Atmospheric methane has increased over
​two and a half times since 1800
(IPCC AR5 WG1 p.161 .Ch2 Exec Sum
NOAA AGGGI Greenhouse Gas I​ndex (Annual Radiative  heat ​forcing. Best single climate change indicator 
Nov 2016 WMO  provisional Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2016.
NASA GISS Global temperature increase maps
Copernicus (Europe) Climate change service
Europe Space Agency climate change.
Global Carbon Project CO2 & methane emissions & sinks
Climate Signals real time data
Climate Lab Book  climate spirals
CO2 -temperature Animation CO2 emissions, atmospheric CO2, global temperature